Pool Management

USA Pools of South Carolina is committed to providing you with the highest quality of Pool Management.  We provide a variety of services that are tailored to your specific aquatic needs. Let USA Pools of South Carolina assist you in your next aquatic venture.

With years of experience in Swimming Pool Management and Aquatic Facility Management , USA Pools of South Carolina has created a formula for success!  USA Management supports USA Pools of South Carolina well as several other independent operations in other cities and states by providing the necessary structure, programs, expertise, buying power, guidance, and resources to insure that all regions operate at their optimum level of  pool management and care. USA Pools of South Carolina has customized its swimming pool cleaning, maintenance and management approach to include every facet of professional swimming pool operations. Our Pool Management packages include but are not limited to:

Additional services we can Provide for your aquatic facility

Aquatic Directors, Pool Managers, Lifeguards, CSR, Swim Instructors & Coaches

Payroll, Taxes, Insurance, Workers Comp

Chemicals and Supplies

and Closing

State and Local Code Inspections

OSHA Requirements

Winter Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pre and Post Walk Through Evaluations

General, Professional and Punitive Damages Insurance

Training, Certifications, Testing

Continuing Bi-Weekly Meetings & Training

How would you benefit?

State, Government and City Municipalities

With budgets being cut on an annual basis, and services being cut almost daily, we offer packages that are tailored for government aquatic operations that will help relieve this pressure. Governmental agencies are recognizing now more than ever that outsourcing aquatic services, will decrease their overhead while at the same time increase revenues.  This method will help provide more amenities to their communities without cutting services. If you would be interested in learning more about how we can assist you, simply fill out the Contact Us Form and we can provide preliminary budgeting and analysis.
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Open-Water & Beach Management

Establishing standards for outsourcing recreational beach management is measured with risk management, quality of service, lifeguard qualifications, training, and budgetary constraints.  To ensure that beach goers in any part of the United States are provided adequate and uniform preventive and rescue services, USA has created standards for services at recreational open-water beaches across the country. Recreational open-water beaches may be divided into two categories. The first consists of coastal beaches and beaches on other open bodies of water. They are characterized by public ownership or public access rights. The second category includes limited-access. These are privately controlled beaches associated with organizations or facilities such as youth camps, resorts and other sites outside public ownership. USA has packages that are tailored for both of these two categories. Public and private agencies are recognizing more than ever that outsourcing open-water beach management will reduce overhead and liability while at the same time increase production and services in their own departments to better serve the community at large. If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you, simply fill out the Contact Us Form and we can provide preliminary budgeting and analysis.
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Country Clubs

USA Pools of South Carolina is cognizant that most country clubs require special services to insure that the services its members receive are the "Best in the Business". However, we also realize that clubs operate from a budget. With USA Pools of South Carolina, you can be assured as a General Manager that your staff has been coached and trained in such areas as Water Safety, Public Relations, Special Events, Risk Management, First Aid, and the latest in lifesaving skills. Most importantly we are mindful of your clubs traditions and offer several amenities to insure a "Country Club" environment. Simply fill out the Contact Us Form for further information.
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Home Owners Associations

USA Pools of South Carolina realizes that for Homeowner Associations (HOA's) board members are generally voluntary unpaid positions. USA provides the framework of water safety, staffing, maintenance, chemicals and operation it takes to make a successful and trouble free swim year. From membership support, to resolving complaints, you can be assured that your involvement with the operation of the swimming pool is trouble free. By partnering with us you can...simply add water and leave the rest to us. Please fill out the Contact Us Form to learn more.
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Condos & Apartment Complexes

If your Condominium Association or Apartment complex could use some help and assistance in the operations of your swimming pool, USA Pools of South Carolina has a maintenance package just right for you. With USA Pools of South Carolina we will provide the daily maintenance and chemical balance logs to make your swimming pool worry free.  We also can provide activities, aquatic programs and special events, with well trained staff, to place your community's pool in the center of summer fun activities. For more information on how to raise the bar of professionalism at your facility, simply fill out the Contact Us Form.
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